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Since founding Frontier Glass back in 1998, Frank has established his company as one of the most prestigious providers of custom glass products and services for both residential and commercial clients.

“We provide professional glass products and services with a real focus on customer satisfaction. Our installations are carried out by fully trained staff to the highest professional standards. We can help you bring new life to existing rooms and develop new spaces, from initial design and project specification to achieving a clean finish.”

Core Responsibilities

I oversee every job to ensure our promise of excellence is upheld for each and every client. Although my role demands that I invest time in the back office, I see it as my duty to spend as much time with my field technicians, project managers, and peers as I can.

Experience in the Field

Since 1990

Other Interests

Golfing, Fishing, and spending time with my wife and daughters



  • "Frank is an inspiration leader, modest businessmen, and loyal friend. He treats everyone like family - the type of family you like having around too!"

    Sean McKay
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