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Shedding Light on the Gearan Center

Shedding Light on the Gearan Center

Frontier’s Foray into Theater Lighting

Though lights, camera, action! is a saying reserved for the big screen, there is perhaps no art form that relies more heavily on the lights part of the idiom than theater. When actors are performing in front of an audience, lights can’t be tweaked in postproduction. Everything is immediate. Lighting is essential.

The work that Frontier Glass did on Hobart College’s performing arts center, the Gearan Center, took into consideration the nuance of that element.

“Windows, especially in a place like upstate NY, are a critical design element that brings in warmth and light,” says Christopher Button, Senior Project Manager at Hobart.

For the extensive work, from installing every window in the Gearan Center, to the glass overlooks, the main stairs, and the overlook bridge, the Frontier team had to be conscious of Button’s words. By listening to the needs of the institution and by providing the industry know-how, the project remained on budget and on time.

The Gearan Center is a stunning new addition to Hobart’s campus persona.

“We wanted the architecture to say, ‘This building looks like it’s always been here, it belongs, but it’s also modern and special.’ The windows are a key element in signaling that there is something modern and exciting going on inside,” says Button.

The performances have never looked better. With windows that allow the incoming light to be controlled depending on the circumstance, actors, technicians, directors, and audiences enjoy the vibrancy of the new installation.

Button shares his associates’ excitement. “The large windows bring amazing light into the building which adds an element of life to the building that wouldn’t otherwise exist.”


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