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The Tinted Window That Keeps On Giving

The Tinted Window That Keeps On Giving

1. Privacy
Tinted windows preserve the sweetest of our human desires: the need for privacy. When we strive to focus on work, or want to listen to a new album uninterrupted, or need to take a deep breath before reentering the world, tinted windows provide a space where the individual – you-can be a peace, even for a moment. Even though privacy may be the most obvious use of tinted windows, these installations provide a wealth of other benefits.


2. Safety   
Did you know that tinted windows are harder to break? Though nothing is totally impervious to shattering, the tinted film over the window provides an extra layer of protection that makes it harder for unhappy accidents to occur. If you live in an area with a high risk of window breakage, installing tinted windows is a proactive step toward securing your home or business. Plus, they are less expensive that military grade blast doors (and more aesthetic).

3. Health
Tinted windows can also be good for your health. With concern for UV rays rising every day, a window that dilutes the sunlight, especially those in high-rise offices that receive the brunt of UV rays, is essential for taking care of your health. Without sacrificing the great view, adding a tint to your window can block up to 90% of harmful UV rays. Protect your health and your property by investing in tinted windows.


4. Comfort

In keeping with the peace of mind brought about by privacy, tinted windows also offer comfort. In the humid summer months, temperatures can rise to irritable heights. Tinted windows, however, can reduce this spike in heat by as much as 60%. That’s a big boost in comfort and a big relief on wallets that pay to blast the AC in mid-July.

Privacy. Safety. Health. Comfort. Frontier offers selections of tinted window fixtures that provide these benefits and more.


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