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Is A Glass Tabletop Right For You?

Is A Glass Tabletop Right For You?

Everyone knows that actions speak louder than words. The choices you make when designing your home also reflect the kind of person you are. When you are choosing what kind of tabletop for your kitchen or living room, a glass tabletop by Frontier might catch your eye. Before you decide, ask yourself these questions to align your actions with your aesthetic.

Can Anything Suppress Your Stand Out Style?

One of the major reasons to purchase a glass tabletop is to show off other interesting features that might be below or surrounding the table itself. Maybe your stylish sensibilities have found the perfect ornamental rug from the antique store that would go to waste under any other surface. Maybe you have designed a table base out of recycled coffee cans that would otherwise be covered up. If your stand out style is impossible to suppress, then let it then let it shine and let a glass table top showcase your expression.

Are You *cough cough* Lazy?

Maybe not lazy lazy. But do you hate busting out the old wives’ recipes when an otherwise ordinary table top is stained with an unsightly soda can ring? Are you tired of mixing potions of vinegar, garlic, and Windex in order to scrub out that bleached patch on the surface of your table? A glass table top can fit comfortably over most wood surfaces to provide a layer of protection that not only adds a bit of elegance to an unextraordinary table top, but also is easy to clean.

Is Your Table Special To You?

Many homeowners inherit furniture. Maybe your table is an heirloom from when grandma immigrated to the United States. Maybe it was specially carved for you for saving that troop of boy scouts from an unfriendly grizzly. Either way, often, we want to protect this wood as best we can. Some folks go through preposterous lengths buying all sorts of untested sprays and lathers to protect the wood. Usually, all they end up getting is a terrible smell and a headache. A simple glass tabletop can cover the wood, protect it from the harmful effects of sun exposure and the notorious condensation ring, and preserve it for years to come.


Before committing to any fixture in your home, remember – it represents you. Take a look at the glass tabletop options from Frontier and be represented by their experience.



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